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 MPI library


* Data types                  MPI related data types.
* Basic functions             First steps with MPI numbers.
* MPI formats                 External representation of MPIs.
* Calculations                Performing MPI calculations.
* Comparisons                 How to compare MPI values.
* Bit manipulations           How to access single bits of MPI values.
* Misc                        Misc, fixme.
    Public key cryptography is based on mathematics with large numbers.
 To implement the public key functions, a library for handling these
 large numbers is required.  Because of the general usefulness of such a
 library, its interface is exposed by Libgcrypt.  The implementation is
 based on an old release of GNU Multi-Precision Library (GMP) but in the
 meantime heavily modified and stripped down to what is required for
 cryptography. For a lot of CPUs, high performance assembler
 implementations of some very low level functions are used to gain much
 better performance than with the standard C implementation.
 In the context of Libgcrypt and in most other applications, these large
 numbers are called MPIs (multi-precision-integers).
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